Reviews for "Epic Minequest 2"

Laughed my ass off during the Creeper part!

Hahaha pickle, i get it

I didn't find the beginning bit with the zombie and skeleton to be all that funny compared to the other parts of the series. That said, this is awesome.

Also, there is a animation/rendering error at 2:05.

creeper:sorry master...W-W-W-W-WH-WH-WHAT THE FUCK(echoes)BOOOOOOM!!!!!ahhh never gets old

The animation was amazing. It wasn't that funny, it was your typical minecraft parody but it had some laughs. Pretty much everything thing was great. I don't know why people get so bitchy because of some memes in your animation and the last Epic Minequest too. I understand if they don't think it's funny but they act like it make it shit.