Reviews for "Tesla Defense"


It reminds me "tesla death ray" flash game.

NSBrotherhood responds:

We are developers of that game also :)


Nick Tesla Like a boss walking: THAT WAS PRICELESS !!! xD

I actually found my NG pass just to tell you: Very nice game, not too short, not too long. Artwork and animations are just spiffy. I found it a bit easy, but it was still pleasantly challenging. I think you could make the waves a bit more varied. I felt like it's always 2 major attacks per wave plus a bunch of small mobs all the time. Sad to say, after playing it once, I only came back to it to get the achievement, haha. that's sad, I know. But a game having no replay value does not mean it failed in any way. Doubt you intended it to be an everlasting, time-consuming and soul-sucking MMO where the objective is depriving people of their life. All in all, with my 18 years experience as a gamer, I give you a big thumbs up. Keep creating man, for all us nubs with no spark ;3