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Reviews for "-DuneRiders-"

Your songs are always awesome! This one's probably your best so far.
I imagined a fight or a chase of some sort happening in middle of a desert with this playing in the background.

This Is Pretty Awesome Song, Great Work Waterflame !

Dude, this is very nice. describing things, such as feelings, has never been a strong suit of mine. The only way I can describe this is that it makes me feel energized. For what? I don't know, but does that truly matter? But anyways, good song.

Not bad... It definitely sounds like a desert stage in an older video game... Action-packed? Against the clock? Both? The beginning sounds like a wave of locusts or something swarming toward you as well. This should definitely be in a game soon! This year is off to a good start, keep it up!

This reminds me of the song on the piano "Arabia" by Elena Cobb