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Reviews for "Sandile's Who's That?"

lol how you play?

This was a pretty weird game at first. It said I couldn't press "Enter" at first, but I did and got past the game. For the most part, this was actually quite enjoyable. The hints are a lot more obvious than you would think. I just stopped memorizing the pokemon after the fifth (or fourth or whatever) generation because there were too many of them. I admire anyone who can keep track of all of them.

The music was also nice and pleasant. The first generation ones were the easiest. It was kind of done in a weird format with the one pokemon (now I don't know the name of the one with the sunglasses). Interestingly enough, when it came up, I couldn't advance. Pokemon fans should enjoy this.

Sandile responds:

The "enter" was literally pressing the "Enter" key. It was a glitch from an earlier game that I fixed where pressing the Enter key would mess up the input. I somehow accidentally fixed that glitched this time around, lol.

I know pokemon by heart but not how to spell their names

Sandile responds:

That's why we have Google! :)

how do you get obmasnow!!!!!!

Sandile responds:

Try inputting "obamasnow" into one of the inputs. Hmmmm.... (same for gallade)

A good sequel although the first one was way better.
Try tweaking the following:
The Lucario image flashes a black strip at the bottom.
Giratina was almost out of the screen.
The textbox reads "Wrong" even though my answer is right.
How do you get the Gallade medal? I played through thrice and it doesn't appear.

Anyways thanks for the free medals and annoyingly sweet music.
Add a lot more pokemon next time... and MEDALS!
Good job, bro.