Reviews for "Plungerdog - 02: Janitor"

Just like the last one, This one is Studio Genius. I love it, please keep makign more of it, because its hilarious and i love it.

The story of this was really entertaining. It keeps me interested in seeing the next episode, as well as other episodes you guyshave made.

Also, I love the animation! Cool style.

The hell kind of drugs is he doing man?

Ive seen the first one really liked it . EP2 Magic still there. CANT WAIT for ep3 all my stars belong to you!!!!!

wOW!!! tHIs was really awesome!!! It was original and the trip scenes were really tripp[ppy and good and you switched back nd forth between reality and trip scene well. The animations and expressions and frame by frames as well. You are a realy good cartoonist.
How did you make those bkacgrounds? Did you make them in afteraffects or somethin and import the flash files