Reviews for "Conan, the Mighty Pig"

Waw ... pretty cool
reminds me of maple story for some reason XD

Very good game, good pig animation, but needs different musics.

What it needs: A sprint button, or something of that sort
and the title should be something like "PIGGY PLATFORM ADVENTRUE" or something
other then that i didnt find any bugs

Hey this isn't too bad. Although I had my doubts at first because of the pretty bland presentation, I guess I was a bit surprised. It's too slow, though. I feel like I should be moving a little faster, maybe a sprint button? I was entertained for a bit while I was playing this. The collectible side of me kicked in. However, there really isn't much to do. Just collect things, some more objectives would be pretty cool along with the extra speed, this game would be thoroughly entertaining. The mini-map is pretty difficult to read, maybe you could make it more detailed and colorful. Or you can make it take up the whole screen and pause the game at the same time.

Ahm... i don't like it, because of the controls, and the graphic of the mini map is low, so, i just don't like it... just for that.