Reviews for "Rebooting the Madness 2"

Good stuff,i like this new chaotic story telling style,and good music,where'd you get it from?

Let me get this straight

I'll call the prisoner Blu
The original guy from the first movie-zac
The Preson who assists zac (killed by Blu) -Sam
The mutant glasses guy -greg
The flaming head guy -BOb
THe crab dude-Mr. Crabs
The weapon zac hit mr. Crabs with -UMW (unidentified melee weapon)

So basically Blu survives, zac blows up the place, however the last thing that zac attempts to kill is Mr. Crabs, who is actually a dead body of which BOb mutated. He also hit Mr. Crabs with the UMW before the place exploded, so when it was pushed into the machine, Mr. Crabs was reborn. On another note Blu is actually some kind of mutant himself because he has no hands, but can still use weapons. However now he does have one hand after he went and got an armor upgrade. There are also these purple people who are technologically advanced soldiers. THey have shields, telekinesis (to bullets at least using their shield) and can turn invisible (the cloaker class in Halo Reach). At the same time, Greg is also still alive, he no longer has a whole head, but he is still as strong as he was before. BOb is the equivilant to the clown in the real madness series, he's unpredictable and causes khaos (so basically he's completely awesome). He also hasn't actually killed anyone important, and of course, never ever dies. On another note, Greg and Mr. Crabs are the two mutants who will also never die, however they are also not controlled by anything, so they're also unpredictable and are subject to killing the main character whenever they come on screen (Mr. Crabs is more like this than Greg). So in the end, zac is brought back to life, (because somehow his DNA was also on the UMW, before he mutated) These eyeball people are popping up for reasons unknown, and a new character (possibly Sam) with a mask who is going to somehow help their cause. ON ANOTHER NOTE, THis could be the prequel to Pragmadness, because there's Blu (the dude with the awesome eye) and then there's Sam (with the legit, exact same mask). The only two things that don't work out are zac, and the package. Other than that, yea.

Overall, great animation, I hope to see more in the future. That was great, 4 stars for the slightly confusing plot, there's a lot going on, but that makes it awesome.

true maddness. loved it. and yes i used double D to say madness. cuz it deserved it.

a little bit more confusing please

i love it how that flame headed guy was using carnival toys