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Reviews for "Unbelievable Sniper"

this game is broken. Level 10 is won by pure luck of weather or not the game decides to let the ferris wheel gondola's get shot AND you have to then let it decide IF it wants you to win. Please do no submit broken games.

io3creations responds:

Some call it luck, others call it skill ... ;)

Im sorry but this game is horrible due to the fact that the levels get nearly impossible at around the 9th level even on easy difficulty and then theres the fact that the game isnt serious at all which makes more mature players who decide to play this game mad im sorry but i have to give this a 0/5 but currently this review seems like a minimal of 2/5 i may change it in the future

it keeps telling me i fail on mission 10 (Ferris wheel) even after i shoot them all down

i can't play it, it's stuck at the controls screen and won't let me click the play or main menu buttons...

can someone help?

wont load