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Reviews for "Heading East"

Pretty great for a first! Excellent use of variety of note volumes, and nice job gluing it all together with the strings.

The brass instrument at 00:51 sounds weird to me. I think because each note starts with a mini-swell, and it sounds somewhat muted, like some of the frequencies are missing.

Are you saying this is going to be performed live? I hope to hear a recording of that.

tourmi responds:

For the brass instrument (I think that it's a horn, but I'm not sure, and I'm too lazy to open up my project), yeah, the mini-swell is indeed present, I actually added it so it sounded less direct and I thought it sounded quite good. As for the muted frequencies, it might be because of the other instruments around it and their reverb that are crushing it. So basically, a bad EQ job. I should mess around when I'll have time to fix that.

It's going to be recorded, but not with a professional microphone, so it'll sound like shit. If you really want to listen to it when it'll be available, just message me. We should be playing it in a concert somewhere between February and June.

Thanks for your review!

Not bad, but please dont quit electronic music

tourmi responds:

I won't, don't worry x)