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Reviews for "Slender 2D"

sender man iz coimng

awe shit son 7/8 pages and my first time i did better than pedie and toby dam id give you 10 stars like the old days good job dude

fun game i ran into a problem after i got the 4th page the screen started to get fuzzy so i turn the other way and it started to get easier to see then slender man got me out of nowhere. also there was a problem with the flashlight control; it would just start moving slowly in different directions regardless of where my mouse was. However those problems / bugs take little away form the fun i have playing this game. I think this version is better in many ways than the original it has that eery / creepy feel that i found lacking in slender. great job and keep up the good work. PS the first time i played this game and slender man nearly got me I had one of those oh my god I am going to die moments. Awesome game (>^.^)> Slender 2D <(^.^<)
WOPR's comments are a waste of time.

Doctor: AAHHH!! This is scary. HES LIKE WEEPING ANGELS!! D:
This is a good game but.. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now what would happen to Derpy... If she played this...

Derpy: D: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! D: DOCTOR!!! D:<

Pages 18 WTF?