Great animation and layouts, but that was it.

Josh, I know that you and everyone else will get all upset at me for saying this and your fans will hate me for it as well. However, I will be fair in my critique due to the effort that went into this.

When it comes down to it, the animation is up to par with John K, but smoother. In addition, your layouts and colors are also excellent. In other words, you and Sprite37 did well in this department. Unfortunately, everything else fell flat on its face and I'll explain why. First of all, while I already know about the fuzzy recordings, the actual voice acting sounded phoned in and not very expressive when compared with the animation. Look, as much as I like Chris Zito and Cailen Denton, it seemed like they were misdirected. As for Intero's music: while it was well-composed, it didn't complement every situation at all. In other words, I would recommend that you study classic cartoons from the late '20s up till the early '50s. Finally, the content is devoid of humor, especially the kind of funny that John K is synonymous with. Every joke in this was poorly delivered and I didn't laugh once. Maybe try plotting out your cartoon on a storyboard first or team up with someone who knows how to write such as Chester Kwan or the Dark Maze guys. Yet, I can appreciate you making something original, but that won't make much of a difference if this ends up being another popular throwaway series.

The Good:
-Great animation and layouts
-Nice colors
-Nice pacing

The Bad:
-Voice acting sounded labored and didn't fit the animation. (This has nothing to do with the recording quality, by the way.)
-The Music, while not bad, was unfitting.

Overall: I have no right to give you guys a zero since there was an insane ammount of effort that went into this in a relatively fast ammount of time. Here's a five for the work, but try harder next time. (2.5/5)

Damn. The animations are there and the punch lines..... are ok. the retard baby is more cute than disturbing(more funny if disturbing). the penguins freak out wasnt that convincing. I love that moment, but personally I would make the birds head grow continuously, red eyed, and spitting until he stops..... then back to normal. yus, the mic quality sucks, BUT you need to add more sound effects. like feet stomping, impact effects, eye popping and movment effects. On a positive note, I love the Bee child. spot on for his moments. and the Kitten lock scene, love it. that was amazing. This show has potential and I really love the idea you guys put into it, but.... god, more sound effects, more random drawing to the detail and better mic. That is all and I can't wait for the next episode.

The foley work is garbage, even if youve already stated it, you shouldnt have to in the first place. Even if you have bad equipment you should have worked to at least make the audio seem like its all coming from the same location. Since this is an animation, audio is a huge part of the experience. Also the art is kind of bland and uninteresting.