Reviews for "The Drawing Grounds"

great game. this game ended up letting me draw with gonzossm. very fun

Awesomely simple and fun.

Inspired by Draw Something, obviously, but is still something of its own. First of all, I'm glad that you were the person to bring a game like Draw Something onto Newgrounds, or even the PC in general. The ability to select any range colours is great too, but you're limited to saving them. I find sometimes I'm forced to have to replicate a colour I accidentally wrote over so I can use it again, and even so it's tricky to get the same shade. It would be great if you added a colour picker tool, since you seem to be wanting to make the game more different than Draw Something, but I don't think you should add a fill tool. A fill tool would make things too easy, and it would change the overall style of finished drawings. Besides, you can appreciate someone who can work without a fill tool.

The music is great, catchy, and overall the game is fun and addicting. And I'm sure it took a lot of work to code this thing. A gold star for you.

Lightgrave..i love her fingers

get medals and win.

lol for anyway who cant find the troll face.... tankman be TROLLIN!

Great Game.. I mean its a bit hard for me atleast to draw good with the mouse but i think with a tablet its much easier. But its still fun :)


Iam allways up for a game :D