Reviews for "Where's My Cat"

What? She committed murder over her cat? This game was ridiculous.......and also reminescent of that other game called "Like vampire like son" or something. I wonder if it's the same author.

What a disgusting old woman. Always jibberjabbering that mouth when she's completely alone, you don't even bother with having a nose, and can't help but just in general going around being disgusting and looking like a caricature of some kind of ape or Gerald Ford but with more cellulite. And OH, the poor vampire. Oh Trevor! They got you! You just wanted to sleep with your arms around a kitty, you're not such a bad guy, but some horrible witch with no nose who looked like Gerald Ford had to come along and stake you. Oh, Trevor, we're gonna miss you. The good times we had together. Good times.

And that MUSIC! AURGHH!!!! HORRIBLE music! God damn this music will just follow me in my head now, won't it! Anyone playing this, you can't mute it from the main window, but when the game starts, click on the symbol of the wrench in the upper left and you can mute it. Naturally I can mute my whole computer but that's annoying to have to turn it back on later if I remember to do that.

very funny lol

it was fun even tho the killing of the vampire scene was so messed up lol. (poke poke ur dead lmao)

Love it.Fun and funny!