Reviews for "Death & Elsie: Part 1"

this is brilliant! the art style brings out the tone of the story wonderfully. the what little voice acting there is is done rather well. although i imagine that the last frames of animation merit a T rating if you ask me. but i clicked on this expecting something stupid but instead i found a small piece of art.

That was too cute. That was just so cute. XD

This is awesome dude!! The story is really great, the narration rocks, it would have been better though, for you to have used multiple voices, as opposed to the narrating voice speaking for everyone. I also don't care for the auto-repeat, some user friendly interface would be appreciated. This is very good and well written.

VERY, very cool. I spend so much time here watching funny, sometimes stupid shit, and sometimes only the latter, unfortunately. BUT this is a materpiece, and I absolutely can't wait for parts 2 and 3. Very solid story line, and I hope Elsie gets to play MORE than just a temporary role, as suggested in the end of the first part of the series (... : ( )

Liked it alot, realy good animation and i like the animations with grim reaper, ofcourse i'm sad about the girls death but,death is death!