Reviews for "Strike Force Heroes"

Already finished on armorgames. :D
Love it.
Sadly, you'll end both main mission and challenges before getting the highest level tiers...

YESSSS!!!!!!!! It finally got uploaded on newgrounds.com

i think this is an awsome game please make more games thanks!!!:)

Awesome! I played this on Armorgames and I'm glad to see it came out on Newgrounds! Some concerns that have been bugging me, is that the assasin's vital sight goes off the crosshairs if you're standing on an angled surface, and i rely on vital sight quite a bit, the tank's shield just isn't that worth it if the accuracy is dropped that far, the seigius shield should have a greater reflect rate, the AK-47 should be more powerful, since the only perk as opposed to the dragon is auto fire, and the martyrdom on commando should be larger, since you usualy get killed at range, and it's useless if you're not close enough. I'm giving this a 5 in spite of all this cuz i hope that these things are at least considered and fixed!