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Reviews for "Supermaus"

sounds well grate eqing and masterings alot better then most stuff on this sight
intros perfect
140 wish there was a little more impact here
225 wish the brake down had a little more grove to it change the drums but then it wouldent be dance zzzz
255 good little brake here wish some sounds would change geetting borded or the lead
3 15 there is ducking here and should be worked out so the highs dont fade so much

3 45 yayy drum change but a little late song should ended at

Voltus responds:

thanks for your review! :)

This is definitely a wide track.

At some points where there are a lot of sounds going on it sounds like everything is coming at me all at once. Not a muddy sounding at all, but a little overwhelming at points where you'd want to maintain a certain level of volume (I.E. before 1:38 where you want the tension/volume to build and then release as a burst!). Panning would give a little headroom and maybe a little side-chain compression would help bring out those chords (at 1:38) while helping keep those transients in the background without poking through too much.

It could be that you did all that on purpose! If so, just ignore me haha

Hope that helps! This is a fantastic track. It has a deadmau5 feel, but not too much if you know what I mean. I can tell you have your own style and your composition/structure is spot on.

Great sound, great track. Keep it up

Voltus responds:

thank you! the sidechaining and whatnot is really supposed to be that way i wanted to go for a really thick sound. you might be right with the panning however. maybe the song would have profited from a little more panning in the buildup sections but hey its done now and i think its a minor complaint.

Thanks for your Review!

You just did a great job! That was perfectly suited under "dance". I'm not sure about this, but i think your track will be used in a game...A happy one!

Voltus responds:

thanks for the kind words but i would have loved a little more indepth review!