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Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury"

Fun as hell, simple but good puzzle game; once you get the hang of the characters you an do anything!

Amazing game! Just sometimes the control would get stuck and you couldn't move until you used a skill, so that kinda sucked, but I love this game, spent an hour on it and finished it ^^. Keep up the good work guys!

If the intention of the eye appearing out of nowhere was to give me a heart attack, you succeeded. D:

Fun game, interesting mechanics. I have to agree with several others in that the controls could have a bit more freedom (as far as custom assignment goes). For you see, my w key is messed up and I haven't the money to get a new laptop, computer, or replacement keyboard so that I can use it properly (it sticks, which is easy enough to fix when typing words, but playing a game? yeah...jumping when you didn't want to is annoying, and being unable to use the number keys on the alternate control setup makes me take longer on the levels).

Also, for the guy below who doesn't know what VFX stands for: Voice Effects.

Epic! And Um.. How do you beat the level where the mango moves...