Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury"


Woot got, "You Totally Cheated" :)

Loved this game. The soundtrack having a very catchy tune, can't get enough of it! Nice voice acting too. The animation is pretty well done and charismatic, with neat details like the yellow blocks expressions. The gameplay is pretty good too, bug free so far, easy to learn.

Found this game from Kate Dietrich from http://awkwardzombie.com/.


Best game ever.

My God, this game is very difficult to play. You need to make good use of the three qualities of the characters, and also have a little patience, calmness and alertness. It really is a good game, but unfortunately for some, a game very extressante. Some things are good, like the voice that says "maaangoooooooooooo" after we got the mango. That was something I found funny. Yes, it's a good game, but if you do not have agility and patience, haha, will do very poorly.