Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury"

I really love the puzzles in here,It takes effort to know how to solve them!

OMFG THIS GAME IS SO AWESOMEE, man, this game is like a super innovative platformer :B it hurts SO GOOD, me fapsta :D


I think it's a very original concept and a very/ well made game overall, but the controls... I found Jam near impossible to control most of the time, I just couldn't find the consistency in his movements for a long time. I really, really wish you had actually put some wording in there about how to control him precisely, because discovering it on my own was painful and incredibly frustrating.

Ooh my name in a a game! Anyways I give this 5 stars and there's some problems.

1.) You said the game saves but it doesn't. You meant it saves when the cache is clean but when I clean cache, it doesn't save. <----- Fix this!

2.) Fun, but controls are hard to get used to.

3.) Good music!

Anyways, good game.