Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury"

Its a really cool puzzler with a cool concept with switching between three people. I have noticed no problems in the game so its quite smooth on the mechanics. Basically its a great game good job!

Nice original game, the hardest part was getting Jam to do precisely what I want, but I felt like i was abusing his ability on some stages. (awkward zombie brought me here)

ben jij nl!!!!!!!! ¨hopzekee en okee is nl

TheWillyboo responds:

A good friend suggested that phrase, actually! It's a fun word!

this is a great game indeed. but i have one only complain, and i have to ask for it.
PLEASE, Give more instructions on how to play this game
in the first level, the great "tutorial", i didnt know that i could use the mouse, i thought, that arrow thing in the first level would show me the way, after five minutes of now knowing what to do, i moved the mouse by accident and therefore i knew i could use it.
after that.. it took me a wile to understand that i had to click the squares to create them.
later on, on the second level, i couldnt realize why jam only hammer-jumped to the left, even if i had him standing on the right position.
well. give more instructions in game, or at least -edit- the author comment section. plz

This is one of many awesome game that I ever played.