Reviews for "Drawn Together~"

the animation was alright but, this story doesnt make sence, he fucked everything she did up, then proposed to her, they get maried, then she gets back at him with a "kick me" on his back, comeon. this is in dire need of more amagination an creativity...

Diamonds, and she'll be ready for anything! Really, nothing better than a true story to teach the younger generations how it works.

women mad at you? giver a ring with 3 diamonds on it!

This is bad because it has little cohesive plot structure and is general self-wankery. There is no reason for the woman to take the man back, and is an incredibly shallow view of the woman's feelings. The animation is smooth, but the drawings are terrible and plastered onto a static background. The entire piece screams "lack of effort."

Zeurel responds:

This entire review screams "lack of constructive criticism"