Reviews for "Run N Jump Demo 2"

Really good! Good music, good physics, Overall a great game! The only thing I would change in the future is to make the enemies actually do something. I understand that this is a demo, The enemies just didn't really add much to the game. Still a good game though!


On one hand this is a great start. I did play it all the way through twice so that i could find the secret levels. I think that the controls, etc. work fine.

But at the same time the game feels really unfinished. There are what I am certain are unintended ways around some of the levels. (like dropping off the edge of the screen and coming back on further down or hopping over a wall rather than climbing the tunnels). Even though I thought the random fodder enemies were funny, they didn't really qualify as enemies as they don't do anything and can't hurt you. 'Bosses' could also be skipped by just landing in the correct spot. And finally the commands you don't need. Ground pound didn't seem to do anything more than jumping on people and i actually forgot that sprint was there until just before writing this review (so that is how I was 'supposed' to make that jump that I circumvented) so it wasn't needed either.

Oh, and just kind of a pet peeve, the platforms blending into the background. Not cool.

Even though I liked that you tried to do some perspective shift with the background it turned out really erratic and ended up being more distracting/annoying than anything. But at least you tried.

I think you have a pretty good set up for a platform game. I liked that you added secret levels which were kind of nice and gave me a smile. I think you need to do some finessing and add some story to your game and you could have something really fun. I gave this a 3/5 and 4 stars,kind of split the difference between what you posted and the potential for what you could do. Keep up the good work.

The game itself seems fairly strong, graphics are basic but work, needs a mute button and more story (but for it being a Uni hand in that's pretty good) If you wanted to do more with the game I'd be interested in doing the artwork and graphics for the game. Well done, good attempt! :)

I am stuck in the mario level and I can't get out

Zeck2709 responds:

At the stairs at the end, jump down to the block below. Sorry, I didn't make that clear.

For a demo plays really well. Obviously, graphically it needs a bit of touching up but the controls are solid. The spacing between platforms can be a bit unforgiving and without the explanation of the wall jump the second level or third can be a bit of a nuisance.

Overall good shout Neil P. You've come a long way.

Zeck2709 responds: