Reviews for "Reincarnation: BB"

Since you want to be on the same level than LucasArts...
You should make the objective clear to the player, as LucasArts games always did.
It is not clear in advance that a crocodile exists, for example.
Adventure games are not just pixel-hunting and hoping for the game to react eventually. There should be some logic in it, and some storytelling.

I've always been a fan of your games but honestly, this one didn't really have any fluidity to it. It seems very rushed and the voice editing is messed up in certain places. This puzzle just didn't seem to work very well, with me at least.

funny but what was the lantern for?

It wasnt as long as the other ones.. but it was challenging and for the looks of it took some time to put it together. It was fun while it lasted.. This game still deserves a highscore. Besides the Reincarnation series is one of my faves :D

ohhhh now i understand the point of opossom you isnt supposed to use it it because its use is automatic! you cant catch the flies without it