Reviews for "ZTV News Episode 1"

fucking awesome! the voice acting was so great and i love how it gives us good news updates! great first episode!

"Eh... Swivel on a dyke." I Just died fro laughter. I really like this. and the dancing horse, WIN! Keep up the good work.

uhhhhhhh idk what to say i just shit me self loll jk i lik e but the horse thing i wont not even say anything about it

OMG, your freak out over dicksckiner bronies was fking sexy err i mean awsome, But ontop of that gr8 animation and voises.

The idea of character and personality creation has pretty much gone down the drain on a lot of the media content. It's always good to see Zone's work, regardless of fappability (I just invented that, deal with it). Characters are always kept in characters and original characters are given something of their own. Let's not talk about hentai, but animation in general, don't really do things like this often anymore. So yeah, I look forward to more ZTV News.