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Reviews for "Creative Kill Chamber Two"

so i have been trying this for some time, it seems that the game freezes as soon as the hint box appears in the lower corner. i can open the help menu. i would like to play this game, it sounds interesting but... i don't know. it looks like some form of conflict in the programing but i really can't say.

mexipino responds:

Hmmn, you could try the version on my site? Idk, it's kind of hard to know exactly what is wrong when everything works on my end.

I cannot move.

This game doesn't seem to function. I'm in the first room, and there is nothing to click on, just a tip saying to watch the action bar (none of which is clickable, either.) For such an unintuitive game, I award you zero points.

how the hell do u get past first part

i hate this game it sucks