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Reviews for "Fracuum"

I want to get all the medals, but all the rest are secret. nooo idea what to do now! great game, though. :D

Wow, I guess I'm hitting the jackpot with great stuff lately. I can't believe this was made in only 48 hours! It's a truly great game that everyone should play! I think its strongest point is probably how well everything flows together. As a fan of finding out about fractals, I was really interesting in this. It's easily the coolest thing mathematics ever taught us. What I didn't understand was how you defeat the boss at the end.

I managed to cause at least some damage to him, but nothing really lasting. Half the time it just made this weird sound and didn't effect him. I knew it was too easy to go around. I found it to be easier to just beat the game when you didn't even try to kill the enemies. There was that one sweet spot where you could always safely shoot. I was really impressed by this and thought it was great!

If you wll go Up without entering maze - you will see win screen. You will see Time bonus decreasing =D
If you will go down - you will see lose screen.

Absolutely excellent, especially in 48 hours! Just so everyone knows, this game is a fractal, which means it is supposed to loop endlessly, both ways. It's not a bug. I love how this game was laid out, and the music is pretty awesome for a 48-hour game. I would definitely like to see more like this.

For those who can't figure out how to beat the thwomp-like boss, here's a hint: look for a weakpoint. You *can* win this game, and you'll know when you do.

I, like everyone else, cannot find the last three medals, but here's what I've tried that does NOT work:
1)Exiting the loop several times after beating Hard mode. Nothing there. (looping inward on normal mode might still do something. idk.)
2) Getting a pretty high score. I scored in the 4000's on a 100% flawless normal-mode speed run. Nothing there.
3) Just a normal speed run. Nothing there, but maybe I didn't beat the boss fast enough? >_>
4) Shooting the moon, literally. (It was worth a try, right?)

I'm done trying to find the last three medals, but here's a few thoughts I haven't tried:
1) As I said before, looping inward several times.
2) Beating the boss with one life point left.
3) Beating the boss after the time bonus runs out.

Good luck to all you gamers out there. And thanks again, Glaiel!

Wow, this is a really unique concept. That zooming mechanic really gives this game it's own personality. You could do so much with that.

The controls feel nice and tight, and the objective is very clear. I won't judge on graphic quality. It is a ludum dare submission, after all.

I also noted that the game never felt repetitive. Every level of the game had it's own unique level of difficulty. The whole thing felt very well planned.