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Reviews for "Route 1 "

My God, that was so amazing, we should remake the pokemon games and make them like that.

Epic! If only Route 1 was as awesome as this...

Smooth animations and clean transitions from the game sprites to the fight scene. Beautifully done.


Very nice animations, pretty smooth and the battle scene was downright epic. The Shorts Enthusiast bit was pretty funny too :P

No! How dare these Newgrounds comments start to turn into random crap youtube comments! "5 stars if you want pokemon games like that" "Click 'Helpful' if you wanted him to click yes!"
No! Bad Newgrounds reviews, bad! What's next? "First" reviews?

Anyways, time for my actual REVIEW. I thought this was pretty epic. I loved the animation style, both the sprite and the fluid drawn. I especially love the way you found a neat way to blend the two with the efficiency of the sprited overworld with the epic-ness of what we all imagine is happening when we get into a battle. You sir have some great talent and have developed it well. Constructive criticism? Oh, uh... well I guess a review wouldn't be a review without some, give me a second to rewatch and find something.

I got it! How did the beedrill pull its stingers out of the wooden tree with ease, but get them stuck in the ground? Answer me that, if you can!

(Oh, and everybody say this comment was helpful if you want Nintendo to make their games like this and rate 5 stars if you think that EglerBros totally jumped the shark and should stop animating! Oh, and all my stars r belong to this!)