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Reviews for "Devil's Promenade Drumstep"

Well everything dubstep is what's popular nowadays. I mean I get it though I love all the crazy sounds we get. And DAT bass... Hmm. I can't seem to put that one guys face as a picture here. Oh well. Its not like the world needs more memes anyway.

What qualifies dubstep? I think I'm missing that point. Its kinda like r&b but more wild.

I'm thinking the mind set is "more bass!!" But that's just my theory.

I do enjoy this. But I just don't understand how stuff gets so popular so quickly. Maybe you know?

2382232, the song id is 593881, to get a song ID you search in the URL: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/593881 <- this is the id

KSBeats responds:

Thank you for doing this, I had no idea what people were talking about lol

Fantastic, love it, except, what's the id??? I'm dead serious here, what is the id that song is awesome!!!!!

Amazing song, congrats for this! 5 Stars!

What is the song is and awesome song kick ass love the bass...