Reviews for "Brainless Monkey Rampage"

Very nice work. To put it brief, addicting game play is addicting, background music is creative nice time killer. A survival mode or some kind of leader board would make it better in my opinion. also more solid killing animations would make people with attention problems like myself happy.

It's good, Your games got some serious glitches, bro. like when I move the damn monkey, he stay on the tree when the game has already started, or when I wan't to leap on someone else, it won't let me, if that's intentional, then let me tell you now, that that is really gay

BeefMonkeys responds:

Hey danicos, sorry you experienced glitches. What context did you play the game in? What browser? What version? Flash version? Operating system (windows, mac...)

Thanks for trying the game and taking the time to make a comment. ;)

Good concept but you need to show directions for controls, played for 10 minutes and couldnt figure out how to attack. Good soundtrack!

I think you need to work on the sound, add a little more soundtrack, and maybe add another form of atack
I actually like the fact that you make more money if you hold on to the person untill he's on his knees.
Oh, and another thing, sometimes the game loojks kinda racist. I don't wanna be a racist monkey.

A truly sick and twisted game. Does just as advertised. If I were to ask for one improvement, it would be a slightly less-clunky jumpy control and a better grasp of if you will land on someone or not.