Reviews for "P vs Z"

Zebra+penguin=dragon?.. With that aside, i liked how everything was paper cutouts.

.........5 Stars! A+! YEAH!

This was everything I ever wanted to see in a flash cartoon and more. I enjoyed the plot-like thing that was going on as well as the unpredictable nautre of everything that happened. Some may consider this flash 'random' but I found it to be creative and amusing. The smooth and simple animation tied it together nicely.

Don't trust them new penguins over there!

This was just plain too lovely to leave without a comment, such a wonderful, well paced chain of ever escalation WTF moments, and the cut-out-paper animation style was so neat! The frozen stares and motionlessness even added to the whole thing's absurdity. Highy entertaining!

its ok but something about it isnt right and thats the sword fight it look good for the penguins but not the zebra but in alll good