Reviews for "The Bester Game Ever Made"

You have officially made my day guys.

I loved the first masterpiece but honestly I did not expect a flawless sequel at all! That being said it definetly took me be surprise that's for sure. The graphics were much improved there was a lot more better gameplay and best of all was the much improved ending after the last one. Truth be told 1 coud've been better

But that being said in all seriousness this is the best April Fools Day Prank ever. I can only anticipate 1 more sequel...THE BESTEREST GAME EVER MADE ;)

For a cheesy game, it's really not that bad. I hope you had a great April Fool's Day as this is the first AF related submission I have played here. I don't even remember the original one as being from that time. It's hard to say anything good or bad about this, because it's just intended to be a joke. You did that job pretty well. I do kind of wish there were some jetpacks or something in this like the last day.

I like how you have a lot of control over the dinosaur. He can go from one place to another so easily. Any lesser animator would have been criticized for having everything be capitalized. That reminds me, I didn't go to a single beach during Spring Break. Well, there's plenty of time in the summer!

i have played every game that has come out on ng and this one is by far one of the worst games that i have ever played on here.
the graphics need a ton of work i own an Atari and the graphics on it are better than on this game.
the person that spent the time to make it probably made it in an hour or so i know that's how long it looks like they spent doing the graphics the kid on the beach looks like a ginger bread man and the bike the thing on the beach is on i have no idea what that is......
so in short terrable horrible game and i wish i could get that 5 minutes of my life back.

This game is great, but I had to quit when laser snakes came from the duckbill.

Honestly, one of the worst games I have ever played on newgrounds and I've been a fan for over 10 years. I created an account just to comment on this "game". Visually, it's a mess... I understand "so bad, its good" but, this is just terrible... and I dont mean Nick Cage terrible, I mean terrible terrible. Not funny... at all. I can't believe someone actually spent time making this... I can't believe I spent time playing this... I am now dumber for playing this... but, looks like people like it so more power to stupidity I guess... who liked this?!? 10-12 year olds perhaps? please, whoever made this, prove me wrong and make something good... at least decent.