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Reviews for "KONY2012"

"Is that the bad guy from the star wars?" Lmao I almost died. XD Whatever happend to this anyways?

I fell for that invisible children bs too. so watching this makes me laugh really hard XD

i LOVE this animation... KONY2012, KONY2012, KONy2012!!!!!!!!

Did u guys notice the red shirt says MONEY 2012 on the mans shirt

oh zack attack... i love you man but this was too much yelling. just saying people are stupid and showing it are 2 different things, and you dont show it when its the media of SHOWING things.

i mean, you animate fast and you do a great job at it but.... man you do not need to yell to enforce a point or a joke. yelling doesn't make the joke any more funny and its annoying, thus making the joke less funny and enjoyable.

anyway, good job with the animation, but my god you're funnier than this shows you are.