Reviews for "Pirates of the Stupid Sea"

Dude, I effing love this game!

This is, quite honestly, one of the funniest, most enjoyable games I have ever played in my entire life.

Stupid Seas indeed! I love how hilariously useless all the treasures were, and how their discovery had some truly epic lines from the crew doing the opening. The ending was particularly hilarious, especially with that ending scene with all the pirates, navy, and royals showing each other how much they "loved" one another.

Excellent work with the dialogue. I enjoyed the butchering of Ye Olde English and the banter between Stinkbeard and his foes. I especially enjoyed the last conversation, since it lead to one of the most satisfying and hilarious endings I have ever seen.

Loved the challenge of the ships and eventually, the Harpies. I liked that some semblance of strategy needed to be used, but it all ultimately boiled down to a fast-paced, heart-pumping, hilarious blast fest. I especially enjoyed the sound-effects, particularly the cannon combo on unfortunate deckhands' heads.

Brilliant work with the characters. I loved how they each have their own personalities, and some truly epic moments such as the fight at night. (Sad to see that that was the only night fight, though it did show that Stinkbeard is smarter than he looks.)

The bonus treasures were excellent, most especially the Magic "Singing" Trout. Ah, I have never heard such a beautiful song in my life!

Also, great art with the ending scene and the pirate calendar. I especially loved how the artist didn't forget that these were bloodthirsty murderers they were depicting, and that you added something for the boys in the navy.

Finally, that music is awesome. Silly, simple, and very catchy, they have an appropriate level of Swashbuckling and Epic that just amplifies the gameplay and writing.

I really liked this game. I thought that the dialog was witty and well thought out. I also thought that the treasures were hilarious. The gameplay was good, although I sometimes found myself grinding levels to afford all of the upgrades. Most of all, I liked the music. It really put me in a pirate mood. What was the name of that song? Anyways. . . YARR!

2 words epic whinnnn the best game ayv playd in a long time

I dont think this should be rated E. Im not complaning or anything but the boobys at the end of the pirate callander are only rated E if miley cyrus twerking is rated E. Great game by the way I rated 5/5