Reviews for "Savlonic : The Driver"

Hmmm... the song reinds me too much of Sexual lobster. Same tone and theme. plus i cant hear the voice too well. usic overpowers ur voices too much. Otherwise... Awesome video, good visuals, awesome talent... and um... Good Yiff song ^^

I don't give out 5s often. You really have to do something special or something really high quality to get one from me.

The animation quality was superb throughout the video. The song is catchy and well-done and the vehicle renderings were all spot-on. I especially liked the headlight glare at the end, I swear it still looks real. Fantastic job.

I have no words

Beautiful cars, beautiful girl and of course an awesome beautiful animation! :D 5 stars all the way

This reminds me so much of Kavinsky's videoclips.Awesome animation and good music by the way!