Reviews for "Hanger 2: Endless"

This is pretty nice. The first game that came up out of my mind while playing is Happy Wheels - bloody platformering action! But as others has said, the character is made out of play dough. Even merely poking at something makes him close body parts...

Good stuff: The game feels like a pretty good game. The graphics have a very nice style to them and the gameplay is overall good.

Points to improve: Even the slightest contact with an object makes you lose bodyparts. I feel the charatcter should be a tiny bit more robust. Also I would wish for a more ''happy wheels'' feel to the ragdolls. (the physics, not the graphics) I would also wish for the ropes to not instantly pop up to the roof, you should be able to see them shooting from you hand, going up to the roof. In other words, a small delay for the ropes contact with the roof.

Summary: A decent and playable game. Altough it still has a long way to go, I can see myself playing this in the future. 3\5 stars.

Incredibly annoying
its fun and hilarious
though you fall apart so easily that it because really annoying and frustrating

This game is pretty fun, but I think I would like it better if the guy you had to play as wasn't made of play dough. He breaks too easily.

good but is very sensible