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Reviews for "i can see you now"

i loved my cat :( cancer

Good song

This song induces a wide range of emotional ups and downs, and generally I love the feeling that I get along with it. Of course, having gone through some sad experiences in my life, I find that this song is very touching and I'm glad to have discovered it from Geometry Dash.

Essentially I get the idea that the music here tells the story of moving on, be it from a bad event, heartbreak, loss, etc, and how it is bittersweet to do so. One can never fully move on, however it is possible to accept the past and learn from it, and that's the idea I get from the last and final piano bit. As one laments the past memories and wishes to return, life goes on, so one has no choice but to move on. After a while, one accepts that the past is gone, and there is nothing more to do but continue living rather than lamenting.

That's how I feel about this at least :)

I love my dog :,(

it's cool and depressing