Reviews for "Kill the last eagle"

pretty good, i dig the simple but kinda addicting game play, upgrades are great. keep up the good work

(I had to go back and read the intro which I had skipped). So the eagle is wounded, that makes sense as to why there's a time limit, although a health bar wouldve made more sense (extra energy from eating chickens). But if this is the last eagle, why can I only upgrade after Im dead? I upgraded for speed only to find I can no longer fly as slow as I once could, which was useful for dropping fast (not diving, which I only presume an eagle cant do, cos, duh, wounded). I have no idea why this giant eagle spits or why after spitting I die. Acid for blood? Is this a Xenomorph-hybrid eagle? (That would make more sense as to how the propagation of the species would continue after this eagle is about to die after laying her eggs and wont be around to incubate) Seeing as how huge the eagle is, I wouldve preferred to be able to attack the hunters with these claws the size of a man's head. And perhaps slowing the eagle down when it hits cloud rather than just killing it. And changing the pattern of clouds or randomizing them. Otherwise its just a case of seeing the pattern the first time, dying, then upgrading (?), then follow a different route. If this was the beta stage, I'd say good work so far.

TO EASY and not so good game

I couldnt see the bottom part of the screen. And it was really boring.

Not awful, but not great. Certainly not 'intense gameplay' as described. Got to the end after three flights, didn't feel any motivation to carry on.