Reviews for "Where's Derpy?"

What a lovely game for all Derpy fans )))
Game are so easy to get all achivements and even funny for the kids!!!
I'm so appreciated all efforts here - pretty good design, animation, funny soundtarck, voice cuts from series and of course idea for the game!
Awesome! 5/5!

For some reason, I collected all 48 muffins, but it won't give me the achievement.

Oh, I just don't know what went wrong!!

pepperpunk responds:

Visit the achievements screen in-game to unlock the medal once you qualify for it. :)

Well done,I've always found every derpy in all the episodes I watch,because derpy is best pony

I encourage you to make more! I really enjoyed this, and the little destroy town hall thing was really neat too!

Lol those last 3 muffins was hard to find, good job on the game!