Reviews for "Where's Derpy?"

I love the game. The sound effects are adorable, and it's very challenging and fast paced. The only problem is, I've gotten one medal when I completed every one of them. They may be broken, or it may be Newgrounds. Either way, I wont hold it against your rating.

Very suitably challenging and well-paced. Overall, a very fun game.

I am frustrated. For some reason, the game WON'T LOAD. It needs to be fixed. I really want to play this game, but if it won't load, i can't. And by looking at the reviews this game has, it looks like a fun game.
Please tell me if anything I list is interfering:
I have Java, Windows 7, Norton security, Adobe flash, a laptop (not a mac), and lots of storage. The game just won't load! I give one star because I like the concept, and it sounds like a fun game if the other reviews are right, but if I can't play the game, I can't rte positivly. Please fix this problem.

i found all the muffins except 1 but no muffin awards? :((

I care not for MLP... the show is ridiculous and too childish for someone of my age.
But this game is helluva addictive game. I am hooked!
It took me a significant amount of time to do everything I can... and I'm... satisfied? Awesome!
Truly this brings me back to the day when Where's Waldo was considered a cool game and even show.