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Reviews for "ThanksTaking"

daaaaaaaaaymn, make more make more, the beat feels a bit over powering, great beat, nice blend of glitchy fx and pads, love the vocals, not a bad voice tbh, love the effect you put on the vocals at 0:55, i love that, great stuff man, impressed, i can rap too but i sound terrible :c wish i could sing aswell, love this song, favorited.
- Pandasticality

Canas responds:

Ah thanks for all the kind words! We've already got a new song recorded that'll be released mid next week (and it's my favorite song we've made thus far!)

We might tone down the bass a bit before an official release, everything is still in "First draft" mode before we put everything together and head to the studio.

Stay tuned!

I'm speechless. So fucking fresh.

Some huge rap skills here. Fast and comprehensible and the lyrics are also very creative. The -0.5 in rating is for the sound of the voices, not what they do. The voices just sound a little too "normal" but it's better than bending your voice in weird ways i guess.
The beat is kind of flawless for this kind of music. I like the psychedelic bits a lot :)

Canas responds:

Thanks for the kind words! I guess my only response in regards to our voices is that yes, we are in fact "normal" people! Hence we sound normal! Naturally our flow, diction, and delivery will change dramatically depending on the song. We've got a few more coming out soon and I'm sure you'll hear the difference :P

the instrumental could be mixed more with the vocals.

very fresh and new lyrics though lol.