Reviews for "Maximum Happiness"

Story: 2/3 No in depth story, but the ideas are great!
Animation: 3/3 Fitting for a happy feel...
Music: 3/3 Very fitting... maximum happiness!
Extra: 0/1 I rarely give an extra point, don't worry! Great flash!
8/10 = 4 stars

Brewster responds:

Thanks for the review!

What a Happy Little Guy

Brewster responds:


LOL that was so funny and random my favvy part would have to be the rabbit getting hit by a car and he wiped his butt all over the car and the IMA FIRING MY LAZER refrence lol so funny!!! XD

Brewster responds:

not a reference. thanks anyway

Randomness at it's finest.

I love these kinds of videos.

Brewster responds:


I couldn't help but see white boobs with very perky nips in his eyes the whole time though this did make me smile.

Brewster responds:

haha i can see that