Reviews for "Ace Pilot"

The good: The animation and humor and story are reminiscent of Don Bluth's (spelling) animated games of old such as Space Ace and Dragon's Lair. So I thought that was really neat. The shooting gameplay was also quite good, nostalgic even as it felt a little like Asteroids.

Possible imperfections/user error: I can't be certain, but I played this on a mac using firefox 10. the controls got stuck and the gameplay was generally annoying for me. Again I don't know if its my browser, or the game itself, so feel free to correct me. Pressing space made the missiles fire all the time rather than when I wanted them to, pressing A or D to use the side jet dodge made it so that when I tapped the key or used the dodge, I was continuously dodging in one direction and couldn't stop. The mouse targeting circle would also move on its own occasionally, throwing me off when in dogfights. Since a lot of the reviews here seem to not have a problem with the game, maybe it's my computer... if not, there's some bugs you need to fix.

4 stars for something amusing with good voice acting and animation... it would be 5 if I was more sure about the gameplay. Feel free to point me in the right direction if it's a problem on my end.

Amazing. The animation and art is stunning. The controls take a little time to master but it's just fine.

This is an incredibly fun and funny game, when the battle is at the most intense it gets alil laggy but overall a very awesome game, i would buy this game if it came for the xbox only because i think using a controller would make the controls have a little better flow an my mouse wouldn't click outside the screen :) But once again excellent game.

This is the only game i would buy

Good Game.Funny^^