Reviews for "Shipwrecked -BmK"

its nice

geat animation, and verry funny. its not somthing to blam

lol o.0

I was like, oh hai, this is pleasent :-D...

"I can't think of a single thing I'd rather do
and that's why I had to get rid of the crew
So I lopped off their heads and dropped them into the sea
just to have you shipwrecked on a tropical island with me"

Then I was like... wait what?

awesome vid dude

An Unatural Shipwreck

This a beautiful flash, hands down. It told a beautiful story, the animation was great and had it's own style, and it all went perfectly with the song and it's message. Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to be with the one they love.


Great clean animation. I enjoyed this very much. Im glad you chose to share your animation and this song with us. I hope you continue making top notch work like this. Great Job.

Brilliantly executed...

...literally. You haven't made many Flashes in your time here, but all of them are noteworthy. Simple and sweet, this work mirrors the music quite nicely. One star off for listening to NPR and not having the woman poke the head with a stick. I mean, what else is there to do on an island anyway? Another great submission in mah faves. 5/5 9/10.