Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus 4"

YES, I am so happy that this is finally made!
This is a very good addition to the series.
The puzzles really force you to think!
I also like how you kept the nice balance between the serious side of the plot and the funny side of the plot.
Overall, this is a very good edition and i give this game a 10\10.

It has been a long time, since I played one of these, but as usual, it was very entertaining. The cartoonish, comical, style of this submission, means that this doesn't have to be photo-realistic to be believable. In other words, belief suspension is easy & I can enjoy the story, without being distracted by poor quality animation. The interactivity works fine, with no apparent bugs for me.

The puzzles are always extremely well designed. They are hard enough to the point, where I begin to suspect that the designer has pulled a dirty trick & the puzzle is witholding information I need to complete it, or something I've done has made it unsolvable. Yet, from experience, I've learned that when this author presents a puzzle, all the pieces neccessary are there.

It is hard to shield one's self from hints & spoilers in the comment section, but I assure you that any hints will cause you to feel cheated & stupid, once you realize the solution. The puzzles are hard, without hiding solutions under a pixel or completely illogical combinations or usages of inventory items. I've never had to write anything down to figure out a puzzle. Another thing I love is that I haven't yet encountered a situation, where a poor solution has prevented the game from being solvable. (& the game not telling me) Graphics are great. Nothing ever looks like a cheesy overlay suspended with fishing line. I wish adventure games were still as popular as they used to be. I hope for much more in the future. The ClickShake brings all the fans to the Grounds.

Humor 9 Interactivity 9 Violence (varies) 7 graphics 9 Sound 8 (It has to loop & it loops good)

great job. you guys are going to do very well. dont forget the little people some of s are writers.

hahahaha the last scene with the sheep hiding was an excellent touch!

Very witty thats the best part of your games!

Awesome game. I can never wait inbetween the chapters! Can't wait til the next