Reviews for "Don't Catch the Herp!"

oh god

Haha, that was amusing. I especially had a blast at the "frogger" part. rofl. Great little game.


yeah man.. nice game
i loved it so much that i got all the medals before the game actually finish the judgement stage..
nice one, and true!

this seriously made me lol

this is just great NG contenet its funny i love the animation only thing is when i was in the frogger part even when i didnt touch the cars it still killed me....:(

That was hilarious!!!

Dude! We've got a nightclub here called "The Underground" and that looked eerily like my ex wife. I was so glad to see that you're in Chicago!

If I could make any suggestion, you have 2 options at the end; menu and retry from 'Judy'. I'd like to see a retry from the bar, so you can bypass the beginning bar scene without having to refresh or completely play thru if you're trying for the Pattern Recognition medal.

That was great. And scary. O_O