Reviews for "Ibuki vs Makoto 2"

Was really feeling it till the half way point

Looked promising with some solid choreography till you stooped to the having characters just warp in and out from your frame. The point where Makoto gets kicked into the air and no sooner does she disappear from the frame then she's on the ground rushing in with a punch is just one bad example. Not every fight needs to have people warping through the air to perform mid air combos.

What fights do need is a suitable climax to finish, or at least leave off on. I got no sense of who was winning the battle, nor felt that there was any hint that Makoto was in danger with that last kunai considering she had deflected at least 10 others. Pace your fights, build up to a climax and resolve it before you say "To be continued" and the result will be a much more engaging battle.

jqzjqz responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback.
Ibuki is a ninja and Makoto is amazing, this is why they are rivals.
Just wait till you see part 3.


had a smoothness to it im not used to seeing in sprite videos, good job!

jqzjqz responds:

Thank you! I try.

very good

it's always nice to see Makoto and Ibuki used because they have awesome sprites
and only a few people use them.
plus you used dubstep as the fight music and made it work. that is really cool.
your movements themselves were very smooth.
what stopped me from giving you a 10 wasn't the length of it but rather it was kind of jumpy in regard to having Makoto seemingly teleport all over the place for a combo.
and it never made sence to me how/why characters kick off of invisible walls in the sides, but that second one is more of my own personal taste.
i hope to see a full length fight from you in the future.

jqzjqz responds:

Thanks! This was meant to be short. I've always wanted to make a fight scene using dubstep, but making it match with the choreography is very difficult.

Part 3 will not disappoint!

Great work!!!

I was expecting something that was a lot less well done. And you disappointed me. It was interesting to see the story, as well as the fighting which seemed very fluent 10/10 for you my friend.

jqzjqz responds:

Thank you very much! Wait till you see part 3


I have been trying to get into sprite animation lately and this definitely inspired me to give it another go. I loved the flash, the animation was nice and fluid (gotta love Street Fighter Third Strike), you created some very cool, original effects with Makoto deflecting the kunai, and Ibuki is one of my favorite characters. Once again good work I look forward to your future work.

Finally as a request, could you direct me to a place where I could find some nice sprites, such as what you used? I would be very grateful if you could give me a link or tell me a site that specializes in sprites such as these Third Strike ones. Thanks

jqzjqz responds:

Thanks! I try my best to make the animation appear fluid like water.
Also left something in your inbox.