Reviews for "Goomba's perspective"

It wasn't too bad... I liked the voice acting a lot, but I didn't find the joke very funny. Also took away a few points because of the f-bomb despite the T rating.

you know, i never took into concideration the goombas feelings as im landing right on their skulls.. a real eye opener

oh my goooooodd!!! this reminds me of the super mario bros movietht i just saw on youtube like 3 days ago ITS AWSOME! if you dnt ay atenion to te actuall personality or so its funy... theyha good actors to. good humor, just not enough. and also there waas swearng which was wierd.

this was good flash though! XD

Isn't this one self-explantory, eh... I guess not?

run goomba run!!!!