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Reviews for "Serenity"

I love the atmosphere right off the bat, and the flutes and guitars were excellently integrated. It creates a sense of adventure, and the reverb really helps make it very full-sounding, bright, and cinematic. Excellent job creating space for contrast in the beginning, which really made the transition into 1:03 effective. The percussion also added to it considerably, and I absolutely adore the Celtic theme. It's amazingly smooth-flowing, and I love the progression. I just felt euphoria right up until that last chord. CHILLS, my friend...CHILLS! It has been extremely hard to come up with anything even remotely wrong with ANY of your pieces, but this...this is simply the icing on the cake of an overall breathtakingly impressive trio of pieces you've submitted for this competition. What I really love is that you tell a story with this music, Mr. Jones. I can see the girl waltzing through the forest, then racing her dog through a field of clovers and tall grass. She stops to pick one up, and next thing you know she and the dog are lying on the dock by the sea, watching the sunset. :') The quality of your instruments is amazingly high, and I'm exceedingly impressed that you played at least a couple of them live. The "different feel" you went for with this one most certainly paid off, my friend. If I ever direct a film, I know who I want to write the soundtrack: YOU! I'm running out of compliments, to be honest...Not only am I giving this a flawless 10/10, I'm also fav'ing and DL'ing this instantly. I would give you a personal standing ovation from my room right now, but my parents are asleep across the hall. I'm blown away...soul-altering work, Bassfiddlejones! ^_^


bassfiddlejones responds:

Wow... where to begin? Thank you for this awesome review. I absolutely love it when something I write can elicit emotions in the listener. I love it even more when it communicates a story! I was actually having a really crappy day when I got this review and it lifted my spirits greatly. I certainly hope you direct a film someday, I'd be more than happy to score it! (and I hope you didn't wake your parents!)

It's comments like this that inspire me to write music, and are a big part of what makes it worth it to me. Thank you.

Sweet man !
This piece brings landscapes to my mind, It's practically flawless.
And congrats for your result on the NGAUC.

bassfiddlejones responds:

Thanks man - far from flawless, but I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks for the review!

I really love the samples of nature in here, listening to this song is like walking through a forest and looking up to the canopy, seeing how high the trees have grown in disbelief.
The whistle sound feels like the wanderer, as they discover this place stone by stone.
Truly breathtaking

This piece is so dynamic in volume; it's very exciting to listen to! All the instruments complement each other really well. The tin whistle melodies really carry the song. Great choice for a lead instrument.

The intro is great, but some of the low notes you're playing on the guitar are a little loud/boomy (I'm actually not sure if it's the guitar) for me. They disrupt an otherwise gentle, smooth section.

From there, it builds really well. Whistle's a little screechy at 1:17. I like the strings...

Snare drum in the left side near the end is another good choice. Despite the intro, I like the sound you got out of your guitar. Love the way you lean into the chords at 1:54.

Outro is nice -- it brings the song, which is energetic, triumphant, and yet still calming, down to a smooth stop. It feels really natural; probably my favourite part, actually.

Nice work. Good job on getting to the final round!

bassfiddlejones responds:

Thank you for the thorough review! Yes, it is a guitar (that has been given an alternate lower tuning). Glad you enjoyed the piece!

Yay tinwhistles! Your Clarke D sounds a little better than mine. Maybe because mine was unplayable when it came in the mail, and I beat on it with a pair of pliers to fix it. :D

I think this track does what it does very well. It feels very... uplifting.

The tinwhistle is kinda buried under all the other stuff, but that doesn't bother me.

Props for getting some live tinwhistle and acoustic guitar on Newgrounds!

bassfiddlejones responds:

Thank you good sir!