Reviews for "Mass Mayhem 4"

Keep em coming!

I saw this on your guy's site yesterday and was hoping it would be posted here too. As usual another great game in this series, I was very pleased to see a continuation.

great game but found a helpful glitch

really good game, the game is a slightly laggy but not enough to interfere with the game i also found a glitch to get infinite rockets (at least i think it's a glitch), if you want to know it PM me and i'll tell you. let other people find it out themselves.

Awesome show...

There *is* an option to change the quality. It's under the 'options' tab on the main screen with the upgrades and objectives and such. Pretty fun game, by the way.


I really loved the series but this one just seems to blow it.
I feel really bad for saying this but this game is really buggy.
I cant switch weapons and i cant complete objectives.
it wont save aswell so i have no idea whats going on..
Ive tried different web browsers and nothing :( please fix this then let me write another review to tell you what i think about it.
Now dont vote this as useless cause you would feel like crap if a game didnt work like it was ment to aswell.
P.S i didnt want to say this but it seems like your milking this game to its death.
sorry man. =(


Liked it but it's a total lagfest... Why isn't there any option to change the quality?