Reviews for "24in24 Twenty Eleven"

highly enjoyed

The fact the toast episode was broke into pieces to be finished, I think, made it better. All the bits in between were each in their own, comical.


*clicks* Hm.. *expecting stick figures*------ -Mindblown.---------

Very awesome the character motions were way more extensive then i expected


Very Impressive.

I have no idea how you made all those animations in 24 hours, that is truly remarkable. Kudos to you guys. And please for the love of god make an extended Gross Nyan Cat as you call it. That animation is the centerpiece of this collection for me! XD

Very good!

Although you didn't complete all 24 animations in 24 hours, they were still awesome. Also, I now have a new perspective on toast. I never knew how epic it really was until now. Thanks for the animations!

awsome !!

this is awsome dude .. deserves better !