Reviews for "Nintendo Labo"


Lmfao that would hurt! Cant say i havent tried though!
Oh hay, just put ur fleshlight there! Someone needs to make a phub vid about it!!!

no shouldnt this be rated A for adults cause of the pussy or just cause its cardboard it counts?

Hilarious man!! nicely down


Well we knew this would happen sooner or later. The NINTENDO LABO is a reason to get interactive and you really touched on a great point here in a very funny way. I actually laughed. I think the comic style of two-panes is good but it needs a double border around each to connect it more and a background may be helpful but for this type of comic style I can see what you were going with. The details in the actions of each character is really great and the details of that "CARDBOARD" "AREA" on the simulation was well done indeed. I think many fanboys out there would gladly get a papercut for this game. I am impressed with your use of fonts and lettering. It was unique and creative for a laugh. Now im no expert on art by any means, but you do have a certain style here thats pretty nifty, so ill end here with just saying keep working on new and exciting creations because art is wonderfull and we all need it, so im happy to see artistic works just like thisone. you have the desire and it shows.

More of a double border would be nice here.