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Reviews for "All Minds Obsession"

nice arps and stuff, weird general feel of the song but pretty good

I like the synths/pads at the beginning, and the quirky piano works very well with them. I like the bright, upbeat tone it has. It'd be good for a video game! The melodic content was rather good, and the chord progression was very interesting. I think the piano could be varied rhythmically a bit more, though. The drums are good, and really have a bright, energetic pop to them! It is a bit repetitive by about 1:15, although that's about when you start varying it. Those quirky synths are just awesome! :D That melody instrument at around 2:10, while I like the melody itself, is very high-pitched and harsh-sounding. You can probably fix that by EQ'ing off the high tones a bit more, but overall the mixing was very good. I liked the ending and, despite the repetitive piano rhythms and whatnot, I think this is a fantastic piece! Well done, Blacklawn! ;D


Blacklawn responds:

Thanks! I probably need to try harder to make my pianos sound more realistically played. I guess I naturally tend to focus more on the melodic progression and usually don't care too much about adding variation to the rhythm, but I'll keep that in mind.

This is a NGAUC review.

The whole piece sounds whimsical, and yet serious all at once. It feels to me that you've taken a leaf off ZUN's book. It could be seen in a Touhou game, at least parts of it -- but it's not quite Touhou, it's something different.

You have an amazing sense of progression, chords, melody, you switch everything up a lot, and then you return to familiar ground towards the end of the piece. While I can't tell what key this is in, I could imagine this as a key-ambiguous, yet melodic piece of battle music. It ends a bit abruptly though: a bit of decay would have worked there.

That piano reminds me of Touhou, the way it's played, but still gives me the sound of it being automated. A mellower sound? Still: props to you for writing it. I had the feel of it sounding like background music for when you see a curtain of shimmering shooting stars. I was awestruck by it.

Most of your mix is fine, and part of your foundations are nailed so well. The drums are crisp and clear, but the basses are only slightly audible and need to be upped a bit more in volume. Everything else is beautiful.

I think upon the title of your piece and I like the vibe this is giving, very much. You've succeeded in taking me down a freaky trip down the stream of consciousness, giving me a bit of everything and anything and yet holding the piece together. I feel both weirded out and in a sugar rush at the same time. Props to you for a piece well done!


Blacklawn responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm really glad that the effort I put in the mix paid off. I do agree that I turned the bass down a bit more than I should have, so I'll be more mindful of it in the next one.