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Reviews for "Hexagonal (SH Megamix)"

The Beginning is repetitive, but everything else is kinda overlaping :P

GabrielLoganStudios responds:

Thanks for the honesty, man! You were actually very fair about that. I might post more developed ones in the future, so please stay tuned for more content if you even slightly enjoyed this! lol

Wow! I Like This Song! Super Hexagon Make A Hexagonester level with this song!

GabrielLoganStudios responds:

Thanks so much! Hmm, a level featuring this song? You know, that wouldn't be a bad idea... haha

I like this mix, it just gives me "eargasm".

10/10 - common person.

GabrielLoganStudios responds:

Thank you very much, your kind words are noted, sir.

Super Hex!

I love this, I used to have some of the best records in the leaderboards before hackers took over, This brings some memories over the old days of when I used to play Super Hexagon every day after school. :D

GabrielLoganStudios responds:

To be honest, my friend introduced me to the game and told me to listen to the soundtrack also. SH is an interestingly challenging game, and it has an even more intriguing soundtrack. I might not do the music justice like a true fan of the game would, but I just thought I'd give it a shot at least. haha Thanks, though! I'm glad I could make it enjoyable to someone who is true to the Super Hexagon fandom, which tells me that I at least did my job in that aspect. xD